Electrical Engineering Services

TCB Engineers has significant experience designing electrical and electronics systems for a variety of applications across a wide spectrum of technologies. Our specialization in RF, combined with a wholistic approach allows us to design market-ready products capable of meeting regulatory requirements from inception. This experience allows us to avoid excessive design turn while meeting or exceeding ancillary requirements such as electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and safety by design instead of iteration. Our established relationships with local and national test laboratory partners allows us to screen new designs and find issues early in the development process, which can make regulatory certification seem like a formality instead of another costly development phase.

We are comfortable and confident running the entire product development cycle or contributing where needed, from front-end processes such as concept of operations (CONOPS) to back-end processes such as independent verification and validation (IV&V).

Core Competencies:

  • Product Engineering
  • Test, Metrology & Controls
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Systems Analysis
  • Applied Mathematics

Design Specialties:

  • RF Circuits, Systems and Test
  • Magnetics & Technical Ceramics
  • ESD‐EMC‐EMI Design/Mitigation
  • Circuit Design & Development
  • Precision Motion Systems
  • Industrial Control Systems
  • Industrial Cabinets
  • Optical and Photonic Systems
  • Acoustic Design, including Headsets


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