Precision Motion Systems

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Precision Motion Systems continue to play a key role in the advancement of technology, especially in repetitive, hazardous, and non-atmospheric environments to enhance or replace human performance of tasks. Recent years have brought a host of advancements within practical grasp, including piezoelectric motors, protocol support, and controllers whose computational power rivals that of a workstation. However, new technologies have fostered industry niches, complicating the task of selecting component vendors and integrating a reliable precision motion system in a cost effective manner.

TCB Engineers’ interdisciplinary team can include Mechanical, Electrical and Software Engineers utilize a solution-oriented approach to (1) identify/develop metrics and test methodologies necessary to characterize design performance and (2) capitalize upon strategic partnerships with industry suppliers and fabrication partners. In this way, each system not only integrates well and looks great, but is designed to be durable, maintainable, and scalable. Our software integration services can provide custom PC and/or PLC solutions that integrate existing plant methodologies, saving the cost associated with protocol proliferation.

Past solutions we have designed include sample articulation systems with sub-micron accuracy/repeatability for a high vacuum applications, microfluidic controllers and intestinal stapler testers for medical applications, inkjet platen and web-based printers for industrial applications, and a host of fully integrated articulating industrial tools and testers.

TCB has significant experience in the design and integration of precision motion systems, and seeks to provide novel solutions that address design requirements while maintaining appropriate cost-effort-maintainability tradeoffs. Large or small, custom or off-the-shelf, capitalize upon TCB Engineers’ experience to design your next precision motion systems.

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