RADAR Safety Controller

The Challenge

A RADAR manufacturer needed a system controller capable of detecting and reacting to adverse conditions within a few micro-seconds.  Success of the project would be measured by the ability to accomplish this task while remaining immune to false triggering in the adverse electromagnetic environment of a RADAR shack.

The Solution

TCB Engineers chose the National Instruments sbRIO embedded controller as a basis for the design and assisted the customer in creating custom electronics assemblies for filtering and power conversion.  Packaging consisted of a custom 3U rack chassis, which afforded ample space in which to house the various assemblies.  The potential for high voltage and/or high levels of EMI coupling into the assembly necessitated the design of robust & capable I/O protection circuits and precluded the use of a conventional sbRIO-mezzanine design.

Top View of RADAR Safety Controller Prototype
RADAR Safety Controller Prototype

A seven button LCD assembly facilitates a simple but effective local user interface, while in-depth administration is facilitated via an Ethernet interface.  The sbRIO FPGA provided a high-speed, deterministic platform to host the critical safety functionality, while the Power PC side provided familiar access to administrative functionality.


The hybrid approach presented herein allowed our customer to capitalize on their ability to maintain the system and a vertical market position, thus demonstrating TCB Engineers’ unique ability to provide complete solutions to complex problems.

Services Used

  • Software Engineering Services
    • Systems Integration
    • Real­Time & Embedded
    • LabVIEW / Real-­Time / FPGA / RIO / RF
    • LabVIEW Programming
    • Embedded RIO
    • Advanced Communications Protocols
    • Instrumentation & Control Systems
  • Electrical Engineering Services
    • Product Engineering
    • ESD‐EMC‐EMI Design/Mitigation
    • Circuit Design & Development
    • Industrial Control Systems
  • Integration & Manufacturing Services
    • Integration Services
      • System Integration & Assembly
      • Repeatability and Reliability
      • Validation and Verification
    • Manufacturing Services
      • Prototype & Small‐Run Specialists
      • Design‐Build
      • Printed Circuit Board Assembly
      • Custom Cable Assemblies
      • Electro­Mechanical Assembly


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