RF Engineering

Today’s systems include more RF than ever before. Whether you’re deploying remote sensing systems, such as industrial wireless networks, or RF is the focus of your development, such as an RF-based product, TCB Engineers can help.

Core Competencies

  • Systems Integration
  • Modeling, Simulation & Measurement
  • Planning for and Achieving Regulatory Compliance
    • IEC-60101, FCC Part 15, CISPR 11/12/22/24
    • Test House selection, vetting and management
    • Product Design and Modification
    • Anechioc and OATS Test, Design and Execution
  • Metrology & Automated Test
    • Experimental Design
    • Product Test
  • Industrial Applications
  • Communications
    • Site location & Design
    • Propagation Study
    • Circuits, including stripline design
    • Product Design and Packaging
  • VSG/VNA Application & Integration
  • NI RIO FPGA Programming & Integration


View the RF Welder Project Brief for example of our RF Design Services


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