Design Verification Solutions

Design verification is the process of vetting a design solution against the requirements to which it was designed. This encompasses two areas: functional requirements, in which features and operational procedures are verified, and environmental, where the functional envelope is verified across parameters such as temperature, humidity, vibration and altitude.

While functional requirements are relatively straight-forward to verify due to the reuse of design tools, environmental verification usually requires specialized equipment and techniques which can be expensive. Using our experience, TCB Engineers can help make strategic decisions regarding methodology and make/buy/lease that can significantly affect the viability and utility of the Design Verification process.

It is rarely sufficient to simply rely upon the traceability of the measurement device. Identifying, controlling and quantifying sources of error and their relative contribution to Measurement Certainty is key. Every system we have designed has exhibited unique measurement certainty challenges and solving them creatively and elegantly is a unique characteristic of TCB Engineers.

TCB Engineers have developed hardware and software Design Verification solutions for or a wide range of industries, including medical, avionics, and consumer products, to name a few. In the past, we’ve developed solutions for everything from wind tunnels to high vacuum systems, jet fighters to submersibles, and food production to municipal water processing. This broad experience base enables us to develop novel and efficient solutions to “impossible” problems.


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